Mid-Feb? Plan accordingly!

It's gonna be cold, wet, windy, and cold. I would almost call rain gear a must on the southern AT until late March. Even if it doesn't actually rain, snow, sleet, or hail (probably will) the rain gear will do a marvelous job of keeping you warm on those windy days and nights. The bonus, the views are fantastic and forever!

Got a gear list put together yet? What's on your wish-list? Whiteblaze is a very good resource and the archives have pure AT gold contained within them. If you can get past some of the nonsense, there really is great info to be found over there. Baltimore Jack's Resupply Guide was probably the single most valuable piece of information I found online prior to my AT hike. Still, there are one or ten of us over here that have put boot to that trail. That Blackbird you have listed is a lot of cookie weight...just sayin.