Got bored today and set up a hammock the way I've wanted to for a while. I like the occasional nap in my Suburban at lunch. Yeah, you know where I'm going with this. I took an inexpensive Stansport and hung it up using the rear door upper latch loop and the Oh poop! bar on the passenger side. I'm going to machine a stronger bracket for above the door and install some quick disconnects. I hung in it for a spell and fell asleep as planned. This should work really well for those times I just gotta get out of the city and am too lazy to set up my Hennessy. Here's a couple of quick pics. It started to rain pretty good and I didn't feel like getting wet for the sake of a few pics. Enjoy!

The extra line is the old line from my Hennessy that I added to this one for my son to use. I'll give him his hammock back once I go and get me one like it to keep in the Burb. This was just a trial run to see if it worked so don't rag on me too bad on this particular set up. LOL.