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    Yes, my HH asym fly had the exact same failure at the pull-out points. Right in the corner the fabric seperated from the ribbon (could put my finger through it and wiggle). I did basically the same thing you have done for repair and it seemed to work fine. However, I don't believe I've used it in heavy storms since making the repair.
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    Thumbs up HH is a top notch supplier

    I talked with Ann from HH via email.

    She offered to have Tom to call so we could discuss the set-up and what might have happened.

    I further explained my experience and she thought that he wouldn't be able to offer any more advice than what I expressed in my emails.

    Now to the point...

    Ann was very helpful and was concerned with my problem (top notch customer service !)

    She had a new tarp sent out, NO CHARGE.

    Off to the Whites this Summer!!!!

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    That's good customer service.

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    The exact same thing happened to me the first time I set up the PU hex tarp. I phoned Hennessey and they sent me a replacement tarp and told me to keep the original one as a spare. I cut off all the corner loops and replaced them with nylon webbing tie outs. The mod held up through the trip in moderate winds (I like to tie out my tarp really tight, but use shock cord for some give) with no signs of weakening. I think I will replace the tie outs on the new tarp with the nylon webbing too as I just don't trust those original loops. This is an area that needs to be addressed by Hennessey, I think.

    Customer service was great, they immediately offered up the new tarp. It's just too bad that the replacement would appear to have the same faults as the original, and that I have to do some modifications.

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