Hello All,
This sight is so interesting, that one can get carried away reading stuff & never get around to joining or posting. I think I started using hammocks for backpacking around 1995. started in one of those tree killer (I didn't know any better) string things. As bad as they were, it was far more comfortable than the ground.
My first cloth hammock was a Hennessey which I still use as a back yard bed at Dad's winter home in FL when I visit.
I've made all my other hammocks since. Besides backpacking, I sleep every night in them at home, either in my bedroom or back porch. My son put hooks in a spare room in his home for me to hang when there, I shlep hammock, quilt & tarp to use on a back yard hammock stand when I visit my daughter in CA, & at my sister's hang from hooks in a guest room, or trees in the back yard.
I'm here now for 2 reasons: 1) to see if any of this fancy new hammock technology can make my rig lighter & simpler, and 2) I'm toying with joining the Hoosier Hang 2011 next month.
Glad I finally joined & see ya later.