Does anyone have any experiences/stories to share about this area?

I'll be backpacking in the Porkies in May with my Fiance. We have a cabin for two of the nights and will be at back country sites the rest of the nights. We plan to hang at the back country sites.

If anyone wants to join us, there are 2 extra bunk spots in each the cabins as well as back country sites right near by each cabin site.

Itinerary: This is a very easy itinerary created to allow as much time as possible exporing waterfalls and generally relaxing at lunch stops and enjoying the outdoors.

Day 1: May 25th
Park at Lake of the Clouds overlook and hike to Buchshot Cabin, approx 2miles
Day 2: May 26th
Backpack approx 7-8 miles to camp near Shining Cloud or Bathtub falls backcountry sites
Day 3: May 27th
Backpack to Section 17 Cabin near Greenstone Falls (back country site .25miles before cabin)
Day 4: May 28th
Backpack approx 10 miles to trap Falls backcountry site
Day 5: May 29th
Backpack 6 miles to Lake of the Clouds
Camp at LOTC
Day 6: Drive home.