This is by far my biggest project to date!! I have made several hammocks, and 2 hammock stands, but they do NOT compare to this. The ridgeline is about 12', the bottom about 14'. It has a slight cat-cut in it. The cat is not a much as I would have liked. It is still a little floppy, but I think I am going to add side tie outs. With a 14' bottom edge, it has doors. I wanted something that I could use for bad weather, and for scouting, where I may need my privacy with a bunch of boys running around. It may not be that big of a deal on troop campouts, but at camporees where there are several hundred boys and adults, something with doors is needed!!! It is made from 1.1 camo ripstop from BWDD. This is NOT silnylon. I plan on doing that myself, but the weather is not cooperating. I need a good sunny, warm day. The ridgeline was a pain for me to get straight. I hung the tarp and the ridgeline was terrible. I didn't realize how bad it was until then. So, back to the drawing board, cut off the ridgeline and injected a new flat felled seam, much better. I actually looks like a tarp now. Ok enough talk, lets see the pics!!