Okay I am a total newb but have been viewing the posts here for a while and you have successfully introduced me to my new obsession....so thanks for that.

Here's my thought.....I like the idea of a structural ridgeline for setting the sag the same each time but don't like the thought of the line so close to my face etc. So, what about a removable ridgeline made with masons line and a couple of S biners? The reason I would use masons line? So I could attach one of those little line levels used when pouring cement or building a deck. Not only could you set the sag right each time but could also be sure your setup is level.

If this is old news, please forgive me. But consider us even because shame on all of you for feeding my addiction....I have more straps, cords, ropes, biners, knot bones, etc strung up around the house you'd think a giant spider moved in with us.

Seriously, love the forum, thanks for all the info hope to see you hanging around.