I'm tired, so this may be short.
To sum up, we had gale warnings, flash flood warnings, and high seas warnings. All my buddies backed out on me, so it was a solo trip! This was my first backwoods night in a hammock, and I picked a doozey. I stayed out of the draws and moved to higher ground. Our "cold" here on the coast is not particularly cold on the thermometer (I'm guessing low 40's w/o wind) but it was soaking wet wind driven fog and rain. With measured 40mph gusts, it was a long loud night. The forest floor was saturated from recent rains, and stakes wouldn't hold, so I had to get creative.

My gear shined. My Hammock Gear 3S Incubator, once adjusted, was PERFECT on my BB. My WB Superfly was bombproof tied out with Kelty triptease and nylon figure 9's backed up with half-hitches. The rain was driving hard enough to cause the well-documented silnylon "mist blowthrough" phenomenon but really had no major effect on my gear or insulation systems. I had to hang my poncho inside down to the ground on the windward side because I was getting water blown onto / bounced up on my UQ. I did all my FB cooking using my homemade FanceeFeest stove and cozy; it was friggin perfect.

It was a long, loud night. But I was snug as bug, warm and dry. Great little solo trip. Here are the pics, so you know it happened....

Lower Salmon Creek Falls, spouting like a hose on full blast, creating a gigantic mist cloud.

The spot.

Geared up, right before it kicked into high gear.

My kitchen under the SF.

My view most of the night.

I had some rain the next morning, but then it cleared for my hike out. Beautiful area.

Thanks for the chance to share!