One other thing you're forgetting in the weight comparison is that ENO includes compression straps on the hammock pouch. It's nice seeing how small an ENO hammock looks on a store shelf when compressed, but it's an aesthetic difference (in my opinion) and there's definitely a weight increase as a result.

I try to stay out of the comparison discussions on here since the community should be hearing what you all think and prefer, but I wanted to mention that since it was being overlooked.

Also, @angrysparrow - ENO uses a similar material as TLG (I'm honestly not sure whether it's identical down to the thread count or not) but they are definitely not made by the same manufacturer so hopefully that puts that issue to rest. I won't get into a manufacturing discussion that involves other brands, but I will tell you that ENO and TLG are absolutely not re-branded versions of the same hammock.