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    Started hammock sleeping sort of by accident.

    Hey All,

    Been a lurker for a little while. First time poster...

    Pretty much all the camping I do is in the BWCA. 3 years ago, I was in the BWCA with the Mrs. and a friend of hers. They were sharing a 2 man tent. I was in a solo tent. I always bring a Byer Traveller Lite hammock just for lounging around camp.

    It was the end of May, temps in the low 60s with a breeze. I was in the hammock (in the shade) and I got chilled. I grabbed my sleeping bag (Big Agnes with a pad in the sleeve) and put it in the hammock to lie on top of it. It was super comfy and I decided to sleep there that night. Weather was good, and it was too early in the season for bugs. I didn't have a bug net or a tarp over or anything and it was awesome. I actually "slept in" for the first time while camping. Only reason I got up when I did was the ladies were whining for coffee. And since they're worthless when it comes to camping (HA!), I had to get up to get the stove going for them. I vowed to never sleep on the ground again.

    Since then I've been using the hammock for sleeping. I string a blue hardware store cheapo tarp over it. Still don't have any bug net. I tend to go either during the early or late season anyway.

    BUT - this year I have a mid-June trip planned to Seagull Lake in the B-dub. So I got to hunting around to find a bug net at least, if not a more practical system. The tarp is heavy and bulky to pack. The hammock is a little on the short side for me (I'm 6'2", 200 lbs.).

    After looking around on the web, I found you guys, and here I am.

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    Welcome aboard, and howdy from Lino Lakes MN!

    I love the BWCA, and though the bugs can be bad, I don't have attached bug netting either. I simply throw a Coghlan's mosquito net over my ridgeline, draped over sides of hammock unattached and haven't had any trouble at all. It's not necessarily pretty, but it sure is simple/lightweight/fuss-free.


    There are definitely great tarps for sale out there, silnylon or cuben are much lighter than blue poly tarps (sil is quieter too, cuben not so much). DIY may be an option- that's the way I went and I couldn't be happier. Same goes for the hammock- DIY is easy to make yourself a wider/longer hammock to give you more space.

    Happy Hanging!

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    Welcome aboard

    That's the same vow I made, no more ground sleeping.

    I'm certain you've checked out Shug's videos. Very helpful.

    Also the newbee hammock setups sticky thread in the general hammock talk forum.

    This is a great group, they'll help you ALOT.

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    How serendipitous.

    Welcome aboard.
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