It is with pleasure I introduce myself, in my first 'true' video of a trip I took a little over two weeks ago. I have worked diligently since returning to bring these to you to enjoy, or not, but regardless I had a blast filming them, and producing them. Any critiques are encouraged, good or bad, and I realize there are quite a few mistakes in it. What do you want me to do? Given the amount of time I have put into producing these, and attempting to upload them to youtube, I’m not going to change it now. I am truly sorry it’s not as polished as I’d like. These were shot with a Casio Exilim 12mp Camera, and a GoPro HD Hero. I used several GoPro mounts, and an X-shot for self-shooting on the trail (there is a shot of it at the end of the second video, and in the reflection of my glasses.)

Some quick notes about the video:
I went solo, but you could probably figure that out by yourself.

The narration throughout was done by myself, but it’s allergy season in the valley, and it came out very nasally. I attempted to fix the audio a bit by adjusting the pitch, but I ended up sounding very over-inflected. My Father and my Wife both commented I sounded as if I was pretending to be a radio announcer, and I agree. It’s bad, but try to ignore it.

I misspoke when I called my stove a “quicky” alcohol stove – I know it is a ‘kiwi’ stove. I don’t know why I said it (more than once in fact.)

I know some of the other audio is low, or high, and I will try harder to correct it in the future.

Also a warning to anyone viewing my Youtube channel – most other videos have foul language at the very end, which you don’t see coming. Just thought I would warn you in case your little ones are around, because it is “a little shocking” as my Mother-in-Law put it. I intentionally put it in there, and I’m not particularly proud of having done so, but they remind me naiveté finds such things funny, and I should constantly strive to be a better form of myself with each day.

End of self-deprecation.

Without further ado I present to you Redbud Overnight

Part 1

Part 2