In the earliest days of my hammocking indoctrination, I bought and used the SuperShelter. It only took a July's week of section hiking in New York and Connecticut for me to learn the sad truths about the SS system. The sad truths, at least as I see them, are the following:

-Thin foam underpad was too thin to sufficiently insulate my body in temps below 50! Also, even tightly folded, the pad takes up way too much space.
-Undercover does indeed trap warm air under your back- unfortunately it also traps condensation. I hated needing to wring out the foam underpad every morning, hanging it out in the sun, etc.
-The $150 I spent on the SuperShelter was a complete waste, considering that the following season I wised-up and bought a JrB Nest.

The SS system I wasted my $$$ on is resting comfortably on the top shelf of my mother's second bedroom closet, six hundred miles away. It has been there so long, that if not for this thread, the memory of the damned thing would probably have passed out of my consciousness altogether. The sooner I forget, the better.