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    I'll likely wait until then so I can actually try stuff out. I drive a festiva so the Gas wont be to bad but I could see the trip costing quite a bit.

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    I just got into hammock camping back in September/October.. After a long process of figuring what I like and don't I settled ona traveler and bugnet and will eventually be getting a superfly. I'm 6' 185. I can tell you that the WBBB is the most comfortable hammock I've ever been in and even though it and the traveler have the same dimensions.. the footbox in the WBBB pushes my comfort from 99% to 100%.. however, I like versatility, I like being able to lay either direction, the WBBB is a forced diag because the footbox is only on one side.

    Also, depending on your weight concerns, you can get a Guide Gear 12x12 tarp for 20 bucks.. a Chinook 9x12 for 30 or 40 bucks (I personally carry the extra tarp weight as comfort ounces, I like knowing I have full shelter if needed) that wont break the bank and cost per ounce with tarps seems to have one of the larger disperities. I think my Chinook weighs around 2lbs, maybe 2.25lbs? definitely my most bulky piece of gear. But I still want a superfly, still will get one.. might as well spend the money on it the first time There is also OES tarps which are puuuurdy.

    In conclusion to my rambling... go to a hang and see what you like

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    i as well am a noob but I have been taking my eno with the bug net on all my trips .I camp in the bwce and the sht. lots of bugs and the eno bug net gose aound the hole hammock so you can sit in the hammock and be bug free and here's what i have done so far i went with a lighter slap strap than the eno and went with 10foot whoopie slings, I am and my tarp from oes
    4 season tarp because it can get quite windy and a storm can come out of now where. bought my eno for 64.00 bugnet 56.00on sale slap straps and whoopie slings 45.00including shiping from speer .this set up seems to be forgiving for us noobs hope this helps carl

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    You're about my height and not much heavier than me. So I can recommend the Grand Trunk Ultralight Skeeter Beeter. Getting it with the bugnet costs maybe 40 bucks more than just the plain Ultralight, but in my mind it's well worth it. Other than one has a bugnet and one doesn't, I think they're the same hammock. Mine with bug net and stock suspension weighs 20 ounces.

    Now, you want to replace the stock suspension - I have been managing with it but as soon as I get back to the states and have a job I'm planning to go for something better. The ropes it comes with are so short that it seriously restricts which pairs of trees you can use, not to mention having to get knots in the right place just becomes a headache almost right away.

    It's a lot cheaper than other popular hammock brands and far as I can tell, of perfectly good quality - I still haven't quite gathered what it is that makes a 200 dollar hammock better than a 60 dollar one, other than larger people are more comfortable in larger hammocks which then cost more.

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    Check this thread out for some great information!

    As others noted there are multiple choices, and it can feel frustrating and confusing with all the information, best thing to do is figure out what you are looking for, intended use (car camping, backpacking), the temperatures and climate (geographical area), buggy season use (or not)! From this you can help to narrow down a little on some of the choices, then it gets into the finer details of the products! Eventually you will figure things out! Oh and the suggestion about waiting until Trail Days is a great one, as most of manufactures will have their products at a discounted price!

    Good luck on your search!!
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    well here is my .02 for you.

    A Hennessey ultralite backpacker A-Sym in either bottom or top zip entry.
    Upgrade the tarp to the 30D HEX SILNYLON for the difference in price (about $70) and some savings in weight.

    total price approx $269

    then get the supershelter system for cooler weather this will add 1 pound and $129.

    comfy nights in the back 40 PRICELESS

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