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    First DIY bridge with dynaglide

    So my second foray into the DIY world (the first being a simple gathered end).
    Feel free to critique any aspect other than my thread injection (which blows, I know...perhaps my new screen name should be "Loose Threads" or "Wandering Stitch" )
    Thank you to Grizz and TeeDee for the many tutorials. Thanks to WV for the help with splicing tools. Thanks for everyone else who has previously posted their DIY bridges for the inspiration. Thanks to Shug, just for the entertainment.

    3yd 1.9oz/yd olive ripstop (Speer)
    50' dynaglide (AHE)
    4 sections 0.625 aluminum poles with endtips (Quest Outfitters)
    2 6' tree straps cannibalized from an all-in-one suspension (Whoopieslings)
    4 short lengths of 1/2" grosgrain (also from Quest)

    44"-32"-44" (7" sidecuts on catenary curve)
    85" length
    Poles 36"
    Suspension triagle 36" pole to apex

    Dynaglide throughout. Entirely spliced. No additional hardware except a tear drop thingy on the tree straps from the All-In-One (probably don't need this). See splice diagram. Each side of the suspension was spliced to the other at the suspension triangle apex. 7" lengths of dynaglide were spliced into suspension to form loops for the spreader bar ends. Whoopies were spliced in at both ends.

    No endcaps were put on the hammock body for two reasons: One, I didn't see the need. Two, I was being lazy, and despite Grizz's attempt at showing me his origami ends...well, lets just go with reason #1.

    Final weight:
    Body + suspension = 10.5oz
    Spreader bars = 10oz
    Me = 3120oz (+/-) and 6'1" tall.

    Fairly light, especially compared to my Chrysalis
    Comfortable, especially with pad
    No hardware to lose except dutch clips
    Wide open views
    Dynaglide makes a nice twang when strummed under tension.

    Light weight makes me nervous regarding strength--but it held me with no problems--yet.
    Stitching needs work (and how!)
    Splices not the prettiest (first time spicing!)
    I think I would not do an all-in-one suspension next time--will probably leave tree straps separate and use marlin spike hitches.
    A little tippy compared to the Chrysalis (my only other bridge comparison). Not sure what to change. Any suggestions?

    1. Splice diagram (Yes I know I spelled triangle wrong on the diagram. Thanks)
    2. Hammock with old Camp Rest pad + sleeping bag
    3. End view
    4. Close up of spreader bar spliced loop + grosgrain (and loose threads, I KNOW!)
    5. Opposite end, much the same as #4.
    6. Splice at suspension triangle apex.
    7. Whoopie connection to tree strap.
    8. Splice where suspension triangle tail (left) meets whoopie tail (up)
    9. Anybody remember Snow Lion products out of Berkley? This down bag was my Dads. Still warm after nearly 40 years.

    She may not be pretty, but she's a pretty good...hang.
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