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    Linville Gorge 3/18 - 3/20

    My brother and I went up Friday the 18th for our annual (and sometime more but at least annual) trip to the Gorge. We Stay on Hawksbill Friday night. This is kind of becoming a tradition when we go but this time we actually managed to hang almost on the very top. With the full moon beaming down on the mountain, it was absolutely amazing up there. My brother got a really cool picture of me (posted below). On Saturday, we of course went to Louise's where I had some great Strawberry Rhubarb pie, before checking out Linville falls and the heading down Bable tower followed by taking the LGT south to the river where we stayed that night. unfortunately we had to leave Sunday but man it was a GEERRRRRAATTEE WEEKEND!

    Pic of me on Hawksbill:

    Video of the weekend - part 1 ( I hope to have Part two done this weekend)

    Part 2

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