I've been working on my down quilt over the last few days and I started thinking about using a snap on my quilt to secure the head area around my neck just like Nunatak Arc uses on their quilts. I was also looking at HF's own andersj's terrific instructions on how he made his quilt. He not only uses snaps for securing the quilt around the neck, but he also uses snaps to form the foot box as well as helping to secure the quilt around the body in really cold weather.

I was gonna add the neck snap but I am know thinking that I might wanna use snaps to form the foot box also. I am thinking that 3-4 snaps would form and hold together an 18-20" foot box pretty well. Anderj uses larger snaps on his quilt, similar to what you would find on a pair of pants, but I am thinking about smaller snaps like you see on shirts. It looks like the Nunatak uses smaller snaps.

The thought of using a few snaps down the side of the quilt that would mate with snaps that I would add to my Gossamer Gear Thinlight pad, basically making a JRB style pad converter but using snaps instead of Omni Tape.

I'm gonna look at a fabric store in the next few days and check out their selection of snaps as well as getting some pricing on the tool to install the snaps. Anybody see any problems with using snaps instead of Velcro/Omni tape ?