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    Put together what you have smartly......add gear as you go. Mine has been a gradual collection but I went with pads and my sleeping bags (as quilts) for quite a while.
    I will add that once I went UQ....I never looked back.
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    My budget does not allow me to get an UQ at this time and as my wallyworld blue pad at $12 works I am not in big rush to spend the money on an UQ. I know I will one day. Still have not decided which one (UQ) to get.

    Also I have not had a problem with condesation while using a wallyworld blue pad although my wife has. Of course she is like a blast furnance when sleeping so I think that is her problem. I had her try a fleece blanket and or a inflatable air pad under her sleeping bag (sleeping bag is used as a TQ) and she has not a problem since.
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    I personally wouldn't invest in a nicer bag unless you plan to go to ground often. Most hammockers agree that it is worse to lack insulation below you than above you because above can be supplemented cheaply with clothes and bag liners. A nicer bag alone will not help you in cold weather (you'll be sweating on top and frostbitten underneath)!

    The least expensive option would be Wally World pads (I would make an SPE with them) and use your sleeping bag as a TQ. If you need to, you can supplement the bag with liners and/or clothing.
    Pros: Inexpensive, fast, can go to ground
    Cons: Less comfortable than UQ?
    I would try this option first because its inexpensive and if you donít like the pads, you will be able to rule them out and start shopping for an UQ without second thoughts. I couldn't understand why anyone would drop $220+ on an UQ when pads cost $25...until I spent a night in my backyard with pads underneath me. I bought an UQ the next day, and I do NOT regret it!

    If you do decide on an UQ, there are a multitude of options (full length, partial, synthetic, down...). I personally wouldn't trade my winter Incubator for its weight in gold (actually, that's not a lot )! Plus UQs can be partially vented for use in a wide range of temperatures. in the summer, you may be able to get away with a vented UQ and no TQ at all or just a bag liner.

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