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    Thanks for the info, guys. I'll have to play with this set up some more the next time I'm out. Maybe if I get to camp earlier and the weather is good I can sit and fiddle with it. This is cool stuff though.

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    I have the BB with a Big Mamajamba also (no doors). The single ridgline vs. dual is personal preference. At the moment I have the SRL and it works perfectly fine whether over or under the ridgeline. As other have said, it wants to be tight. A SRL is easy to adjust to your hammock whether the hammock was pitched first or later (due to weather). Either way, as others have said, will benefit from more distance between the trees.

    As for pads, this was my same method while I accumulated gear. When colder, I had the wide Walmart blue pad under my Thermarest. In early fall, just the blue pad. Both were between the layers of the BB. They did need slight adjustment whenever I entered the hammock, but stayed put during the night. That config hopefully ends this week when the 3s Phoenix arrives!
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