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    Question How can I tell if it's the right hammock for me? Eno double deluxe

    I just bought a Eno double deluxe today at Rei and set it up in the back yard and laid in it and realized I may have bought more than I can chew. The size of the D.D is 8'4x9'4 and I'm thinking this may just be too big. I wanted the hammock for hiking and camping on foot and now I'm thinking it may not work. I'm not in love with it so should I just end up returning it for something a tad smaller? Or do you believe this may work for my needs? I'm only 6'4 and 170. I know the question is vague but I just want some input before I decide to keep or return it.

    I guess what I'm asking is the D.D just really too big for my purposes, as well will it extra large size make it difficult for a commercial u.q? I'm sure if I made my own I could make it exact to it. I know I need a double but maybe not the California King of hammocks.
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    You know best what you like and don't like. That is a large hammock, hence the "double" designation.

    As with most gear, one is not enough. You might buy a dissimilar hammock and compare the two before deciding which to send back.

    I have two Hennessey Hammock which I think are very good. But I just bought a Warbonnet Blackbird which I think will suit me better but have not had the opportunity to prove that to myself yet.

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    You may find someone soft to cuddle up with on those nice sunny days. Then your double nest will be worth its weight in gold, I can ensure you that.
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