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    Hey WV.. I checked out the 'hang' you mentioned but it is happening during my trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAD777 View Post
    Permethrin, permethrin, permethrin, ....

    Enough about that. In my experience, if you are a back sleeper, there are a lot of hammocks that feel good. However, if you are solely a side sleeper and switch sides during the night, your hammock choice is much more critical. Try to get to a group hang and try out some options. I am in the side sleeper camp and for me the Tree to Trail Gear Switchback can't be beat. I also have a Warbonnet Blackbird, which I think is a superb hammock --- IF you are a back sleeper.
    Thanks Mike. Someone else mentioned the Switchback but I saw they were out of stock on their site and also someone else said that the Claytor is the same design as the Switchback.. any thought on Claytor? It is cheaper.. but as another poster pointed out just start with a good investment, which I would like to do, just don't want to spend a lot and find out that I don't like it.
    I think I saw that someone was selling his Switchback on here (don't know if it is still avail) because he found his WBB more comfortable.. (But maybe he is a back sleeper. I should ask him).. Also does the Switchback have a double bottom layer as everyone is recommending?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shapeshifter View Post
    I should have mentioned that I am long and skinny (6 feet tall, about 135-40 lbs) so maybe I will not have side sleep issues with some models as others have because of that? (though I am broad shouldered..)
    Which ever brand you choose, I would suggest one of the longer models, especially as you are a 6 footer. For me, I find that my longer hammocks tend to be the most comfortable. Again, for me. YMMV. ( if you can, find out hammock fabric length, more so than RL length.)

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