Hello all you Claytor fans! I am new to hammocks and this forum. I posted yesterday under the general hammock talk and was directed to this area so am going to post under a couple different forums for the different brands to help in my decision making..

So I have been reading a lot all over this forum and the web and looking at youtube videos and still not able to decide..

So basically I am going to be primarily needing something for the jungle in Costa Rica (but at elevation so can get a little cooler at night and can rain a lot)...
I should mention I am a long skinny light weight (6' at about 140 lbs).. and I am a side sleeper.. I am interested in budget but also in comfort and if I have to spend more for comfort I will.. unfortunately I don't have time to 'test drive' anything as I need to order for my trip coming up at the end of the month.

All I knew of hammocks originally was of the Hennessy variety but then I was telling a friend I was thinking about getting one and he said oh no get a Clark they are much better. So since then I have been reading all kinds of reviews and comparisons and then found this site and found out there are so many more kinds of hammocks than I had ever dreamed! So it's made my decision making a bit harder! So maybe some of you can help!?

I first posted in the general hammock talk and some told me of the Claytor hammocks (esp. the jungle hammock), which looks decent and has a great price tag but I hear about concerns with water wicking on the ropes (will probably be facing a lot of rain, so can't have that).. and generally sounds like rigging is not the best.. I am guessing a lot of you modify your suspension, so maybe some tips as to how and where you get what you need for that would be great..

And just want thoughts on comfort in a Claytor.. the price is very much right but I would be willing to go with something else if the design is more comfortable.. not as concerned with weight.. but am concerned with being able to side sleep and also insulate if I need to.. I will be in a warm climate but I could probably still get chilly at night so how easy is it to use a pad and what do you recommend for insulation with these hammocks? Also maybe why you choose them over others would help.

Sorry for the length.. I really am just having a very hard time deciding and have been spending far too many hours on this decision right now!

Any help will be appreciated! And sorry for the redundancy for any of you who may have seen my other post in the other section...


PS- I hear shipping is slow for these hammocks.. I would need mine in about three weeks time.. anyway to get it speeded up if I needed?