I'm channeling my inner Homer here.

I love my HH but I hate the straps/HH knot. I feel like I am very limited in my site selection because the stock straps are all too often too short for the larger trees. I need an alternative. However:

First off, I cannot sew, nor do I know anyone who can sew well enough for me to trust my 220 lbs with them.

Secondly, I am not very handy, so I read all these great threads about suspension options with rings and cinches and knots, full of pictures and diagrams, and I get halfway through the instructions when my head starts to throb and I give up because I just can't visualize it.

So, what are my options for fast, efficient safe (for me and the trees) suspension? Do any vendors have a means for me to switch suspensions without requiring alterations on my end? If sewing is a requisite, is there someplace I can ship my hammock to be altered?