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Thread: Complete setup?

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    Question Complete setup?

    I just received my explorer deluxe. This being my first hammock, I'm spending time reading the directions, watching the videos on the HH site etc. I can't help but wonder if the hammock comes with everything I need to go out and set it up. I'm thinking I'm going to be needing some stakes and maybe some cord/rope? I can't hang it in the "yard" (no trees) and I don't want to get out somewhere and start to hang it, only to have my suspicions confirmed. I'd aprreciate it if those who have this, or a similar setup would offer feedback. Thanks in advance.

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    Your new HH has ALMOST everything you need for starting out.

    You are correct that you will need some stakes for the tarp/side tie outs. If you're looking for something simple and cheap, you can get some aluminum gutter-spikes from your local hardware store.

    Also, I would recommend some sort of spare cord (something small diameter) for tying out your tarp ridgeline. The stock HH method uses prussik-sliders on the ridgeline itself, but I think you'll find that you can get a much more taut pitch from it if you tie at least one end to the tree instead.

    Good luck and congrats on your new hammock.
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