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I decided to try Afton yesterday for an overnighter. Hadn't been there before. I went to site #12 as well just to be safe since I knew a fellow hangar had already deemed it a good choice tree-wise for hammocks. Here's my short video.

Excellent vid! Thanks for the shot out!
I tend to avoid the paved paths in the park. There is a nice big loop if you want to avoid the asphalt and come into the back entrance to the camping area. It is my "hidden" gem that's near the cities, after that North is definitely the way to go.

BB gun! I only found a pillow, I'm a bit jealous! What will they leave for us next! LOL Lots of wildlife on your trip too so it seems..Any turkey? LOL

I found that there is 3 if not 4 good set ups for hanging at that site. I originally was going to go for the trees you chose, but opted for a fire. Another good spot was across the trail into the site... Did you explore the other sites?

Maybe we can get a few local hangers to do an overnighter there in the near future...Just a thought..