andddd I love it!! I got a large gear hammock/pack cover, grip clips, and a set of tree straps. honestly the gear hammock/pack cover was what I have had my eye on for a while . I couldnt wait to get it and It arrived today. So I tried it out on my kelty redwing 3100 and it fit over it nice with some extra room so I tried it on my 5900 capacity jansport carson 80 pack and it fit the pack so well that I would swear it was made for it. Can't wait to hit the trail tomorrow and test the gear hammock. might even go set it up outside if it ever stops raining haha. grip clips were aweasome I can't wait to go use them, they weigh practicly nothing but have a million uses. and the trap straps were a way better price and they are a longer upgrade to my hennessy straps. Im 100% happy with my purchase and I would highly recommend them to anyone else.