So I have a HH and found the stock tarp to small, I knew I wanted a all around tarp one I can use for all types of weather and still have my privacy when I need it. witch lead me to a rectangle tarp. I thought I can make one! I will get what I want how I want and if I mess it up I'm the only one to blame & off I went! I got 7 yards of 60" wide poly ripstop nylon. Cut in half and then sewed the 2 pc together.

I used seam seal tape to seal the ridgeline. Hope it works

in porch mode

I used camo grossgrain for tieouts

pockets for line[IMG] .jpg[/IMG]
still a bit heavy and bulky but better then a blue tarp.

storm set up.

I made the simplest tarp I could. I still need to put the center tieouts on and do a little tweeking. stiching needs work not the prettest but as long as it does it job I'm happy.