New 11' x 9' Silnylon Catenary Cut Hex Tarp for sale. See photos in the Gallery (date 2/15/08 - member name is "tpkanu"). Full coverage (actual 128" long x 108" wide) for tree hangers or ground sleepers, even in wind driven rain. Catenary cut edges prevent flapping and allow for a drum tight pitch. Royal blue 1.3 oz. silnylon fabric. D-ring pullouts reinforced with nylon webbing and 1.9 oz. ripstop nylon. Interior ridgeline D rings for clothesline or bugnet attachment. Includes: (8) 200# dacron guylines (1.4 oz.), Tarp stuffsack (7" x 14" - silnylon- .2 oz.), and Stake stuffsack (4" x 9" - silnylon - .1 oz. - stakes not included). Tarp only weight is 12.5 oz. Total weight is 14.4 oz. $95 + shipping (US only), certified or cashiers check payment. Private message me at this site or email me directly at lstookey at I live in central NC, if you want to see it (l also have several other type of tarps for sale) in person. Thanks.