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    AT Hike, N VA into MD April 2011

    This was a 4 day, 3 night hike starting from Harpers Ferry, WV. I went South on the AT the first day to Blackburn Trail Center. Temps dropped to the low 40's that night, with a nice steady rain. I woke up to 37F, but the rain had stopped. I slept great listening to rain hitting my Superfly tarp!

    The 2nd morning I headed South about 5 miles through the Devils Racecourse to Rt 7. I had a snickers bar and some water, then flipped around and headed North. The temps were hovering around 43F most of the day, and a heavy fog pervaded. I hiked back to within a mile of Keys Gap and found a great spot just up the hill about 40yds off the trail and set up. It was only 3pm, and I sat and watch a lot of folks hike by that never noticed me up the hill. Being on a hill, and rocky, I'm pretty sure no one has every camped there before. Great spot!! This was about a 16 mile day, give or take some rambing aroud I did.

    The 3rd day I hiked down to Harpers Ferry. I stopped in to the ATC for a visit, and got a cup of coffee downtown as I looked around some. Then across the Byron Memorial bridge and North on the AT I went. I had supper at Gathland, and then headed back South on the AT to a spot I passed that looked like a great hang area. It turned out to be one of the best nights I've had in awhile. Clear skies, great view. I never deployed the tarp. I watched the stars and slept like a dream. I love my hammock!!

    So, I've never made a video before. I don't have the greatest camera, and it's been dropped in a creek once, but I gave it a try. Sort of a short version of a video trip report.

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    Great stuff, thanks for the report and vid! I've been through that section many times (the MD/WVA/NVA area) there are many great spots to camp!
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    excellent report and a beautiful section to hike. Those pics look pretty cool in the misty rain.
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    Excellent trip report and video. Thanks so much. Love the fog and slow pan shots.

    I sure hope all the HF members out thru hiking the AT packed good rain gear and warm easy to dry clothing.

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