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    Nantahala scout trip

    This is about my first hang last summer after receiving the WBBB and telling myself "just going to get one to try them out".

    It was a scout trip to Nantahala in NC to go whitewater rafting.

    It was in the 50's and started raining early the morning of the trip. That didn't matter too much during the day because you are in the cold, wet, (but very fun) whitewater the whole time on the river anyway.

    Bad news was it was still raining when we got to the campground. Good news was I had a hammock on this trip instead of a tent. I scouted up some trees close to our designated campsite and put up the BM tarp. Dry from then on - that thing is huge. Put up the hammock while under the tarp and then had to smile as the tenters set up in the rain and muck.

    Like a lot of the public campgrounds the sites are pretty sparse of vegetation and when it rains it gets pretty muddy. I really really liked not having to root around in the mud getting in and out of my sleeping quarters

    This trip absolutely sold me on hammocks.

    I know I need another one for my son. And then a spare just in case. And wouldn't a DIY be a great scout project. I begin to understand how innocently getting one hammock turns into a shelving unit full of toys.

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    I love that about hammocks too. If you have snake skins on the tarp, it makes getting it set up any faster. Glad you enjoyed the hammock!
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    funny that. it was my last trip to the Nanty that convinced me I had to find an alternate to tents and sent me searching. which lead me here. to say it rained would be an understatement of epic proportion.
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