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    Down vs Primaloft One questions

    Hello Fellows

    I just purchased some Primaloft One to make a UQ with.

    I've been searching around a lot and cannot find any info directly comparing this insulation to down.

    Can anyone give any solid #s comparing the 2?

    If 2 nearly identical quilts are built, 1 with 16 oz of 850fp Down and 1 with 16 oz of Primaloft one:

    which will be warmer? by how much?

    which will pack smaller? by how much?

    which will perform better after a few years of use?

    I do a lot of BWCA camping. I chose synthetic for my first UQ to get some experience building and using it, and because of the claimed durability, and wet properties.

    Before I choose a TQ insulation, I would like to know exactly how Down compares, without building both and trying it.

    Thanks for any help.
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