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I have a synth (Climashield) UQ I made but have never used. Also had a synth sleeping bag for years .....never got it wet.
How many folks actually have slept in a wet synthetic bag or quilt or have laid on a wet UQ?
Been through some big storms with my down UQ Frankenquilt....never got it wet.....yet.
I made the Climashield UQ just 'cause I had it and maybe to use if I ever go to the Smoky Mountains and it is gonna be rainy and really foggy.
I have. Many years ago, and have not had that experience since, thank goodness. Our stuff sacks were supposed to be waterproof, but apparently not quite. Maybe I would have better luck today with today's material. That was a hike all day in blowing snow situation, and no doubt there was some sweating going on so that everything, clothing and sleeping bags, were at least quite damp. Others got wetter than me when they fell and slid down snow slicked banks into shallow creeks on their backs, or that night when a snow loaded branch broke and tore a big hole in their tarp. But I think overall, sweat and condensation inside various layers was the biggest problem that day.

Though I have not had any similar experiences in the many years since that miserable day and night, I think I am glad that on day every body had all synthetic insulation rather than total down. If nothing else, every thing was dry by the next morning. By the time the sun came up, I was sleeping pretty toasty, but after a cold start at bedtime.