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    Makes this Florida boy (last 10 years anyway) even more proud to wear my Honary Zero Hero patch! Thin blood; phoey! No such thing.
    Trust nobody!

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    Awesome patch! Somebody should make one up for Turk for his last outing. The Arctic Low Hanging Blue-Ballers, or something along those lines. That looks like it was one awesome trip. Talk about thick blood, and being able to handle cold! If you haven't seen it, take a look.

    Quote Originally Posted by turk View Post
    well ... the idea was tossed around several times. Perhaps mostly in joking.
    But well ... I thought it was a good idea. Hopefully others did too.

    Thought I would share some of my recent trip, in a more unconventional format.
    Hopefully others are inspired to make their own episodes. Its very easy.
    We could easily combine enough to run a loop to create our own "Hammock channel".
    I will continue, at any rate to film more episodes all year if there is any interest.

    For now, I am pleased to present the very first Episode of Hammock TV.
    Several HF members are credited for making the trip, gear tests, and film possible.

    You can watch it directly from my website:

    Or right from youtube if you prefer:

    It would have been more convenient to somehow toss the embedded video somewhere on HF, as I could have uploaded a much higher resolution, but oh well. Hosting video is very demanding on bandwidth.

    This trip took place 2nd week of Feb. 08. 8 days including travel. 6 days actual, above 51st parallel.
    Just 2 of us, no guides, no established trails. Just cruising along the frozen salt-water coast of the Moose river to its terminus into
    James Bay. We were testing the JRB hammock tent, Titanium Goat wood stove, the highpeak panda hammock, and a series of JRB quilts combined to create a sleep system worthy of Canadian winters in the sub arctic.
    All electronic equipment had failed by day 6. To track wind and temperature we used the Brunton ADC wind. Its last recorded temp was -47.2 deg F before it died. Our best estimates of coldest night were well into -50 deg F with included wind chill. Although we did not reach our goal of hiking across the Nunavut border, we came within visual range of it. Was an incredible life experience.
    Gear reviews to follow.

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