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    DIY Hammock with Footbox

    After reading all about the WBBB clones, and other footbox style hammocks, I decided to give it a try with a twist

    I wanted a short, light hammock with less back of leg pressure and wide enough for my shoulders.
    With this, my feet are almost below the end whipping, with very little, if any, leg pressure.
    It has lots of shoulder room, with even a bit of excess.
    The Zingit in the sides relieves the strain on the edges.

    The long Asym length of the footbox side seems to have eliminated the issue with over tension, and back of leg pressure, and is strong enough to exit from if you really wanted to.

    Durability has yet to be confirmed, but it has very little stretch, even with the WallyWorld camo nylon.

    Finished free length between whippings is 94 inches, limited by Zingit side lines.
    Ridgeline is currently set at 79 inches.
    Weight with Dynema suspension, 14 ozs

    Material list:
    2- layers 1.1? rip stop 60 X116 inches
    2- layers 1.1? ripstop cut into a right triangle 30X30X43
    2- 95 inch lengths of 1.75 zing it
    2 -24 inch lengths of 1.75 Zing it for whipping ends
    1 -100 inch length of 1.75 Zing it for adjustable ridge line

    1. Layout and cut hammock body and triangle per diagram
    2. Radius triangle, 3 inches, then hem triangle with ¾ inch fold, sew long side LAST, using 1 inch hem.
    3. Pay attention here, or you may end up with a "left foot box.
    Set triangle on hammock body, 5-6 inches from end as shown, and hem sides of body, including triangle, with 1 inch side hem,
    keeping stitch line back from folded side edge ½ inch. As you get to radius of triangle point, rotate triangle and sew into side seam. Start and Stop side hem 4 inches short of each end.
    4. Fold 7-8 inches of material on each end, fold again to 2-3 inches for a double thickness.
    This fold should include the tip edge of the triangle, but not cover the opening in the triangle long side hem. Double Sew channel, leaving about a 1-1/2 inch channel for whipping.
    5. Repeat for other end.
    6. Measure finished side length and prepare 2 Zingit cords with ½ inch end loops, locked brummels, and burries to be the length of your sides, mine were 93 inches.
    7. Where the triangle ends on hammock side, and on the triangle side hem, heat a tool and melt only through to the channel opening, not through both sides. See detail photo.
    8. Pull the lines through the side hems to allow the loops to be included in the whipping.
    9. Whip end using “Knotty’s” method.
    10. Fabricate a whoopee sling from the 100 inch Zingit for the ridgeline, attach to suspension whoopies at each end.

    After completing the hammock I added a “Dejoha HUG bugnet” weight 4 ozs

    I think it will work well and will give it a try maybe this weekend.

    Many thanks to all of the ideas on the forum which helped form this one
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