I'm thinking of trying to make my first DIY hammock and I wanted to try my hand with this design except I think I'm going to try and incorporate Hangnout's stretchable footbox instead of the triangular footbox.

I think I understand all of the instructions from your original instructions and the video helped out a lot, but I'm still confused about step 4.

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4. Fold 7-8 inches of material on each end, fold again to 2-3 inches for a double thickness.
This fold should include the tip edge of the triangle, but not cover the opening in the triangle long side hem. Double Sew channel, leaving about a 1-1/2 inch channel for whipping.
Are you talking about the footbox triangle or the the hammock body itself?

I also have two questions about the video:

1. Towards the end of your first video you talk about measuring 6 inches back from the end the foot end. Is this to measure where to sew one side of the triangle to the hammock body?

2. Is your rolled hem the same size around the entire hammock body to include the channels at the end of the hammock for whipping? I believe you said it was a little bigger than 1" with 1/2" piece of material underneath the top part of the hem.

It's is a great design. Thanks for posting it for everyone.