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    JRB Spinnaker Hex Tarp

    I realized the other day that I have more hammocks than tarps so I figured it was time to correct that problem.

    So off to I went with the intent of purchasing another 11' x 10' Cat Tarp when I noticed the JRB Spinnaker Hex Tarp with an 11' ridge line and 8' across at at 9.9 oz I figured, "why not". Ordered Monday and received Wednesday, usual quick turn around form the Jacks.

    I had the chance to set it up today so I figured I'd post a few pics and give my initial thoughts. Please note I have not used the tarp on a trip yet so this is just a high level overview. (One of my pet peeves is when folks grab the package from the mailman, and have a review online within an hour, without any real world experience with the project to justify overly positive or negative comments)

    This thing is freakishly light. Plus besides the weight difference in the tarp itself compared to my 11' x 10' I should be able to save a bit more because it requires 3 less stakes and STLs.

    I put it in a snake skin for easy of setup and reduce the risk of snagging it on something while setting up.

    For coverage it looks like there is enough to cover the BMBH, but due to the smaller size there will probably be less margin for error than the 11' x 10'

    The most interesting thing is how each tie out has two loops, one from each angle on the corners (see pics). I looped the STL through both loops on each corner. I'm not sure if it was a design intention but compared to other cat tarps I have this one seems more forgiving on where you stake out the corners. What I mean by that is it's been my experience that if you can't stake the tarp corner out and the perfect angle because there is something in the way that corner of the tarp will sag.

    Once I get some trail usage I'll post more details.
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