Thanks Hammock Engineer! The layout is as quoted below from my post number 7 with the pictures attached. The pictures are also in the Gallery.

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As a side note, here is the lay of the land.
  • Mac Cat Standard Tarp
  • Hennesey UL Explorer
  • Hennesey Super Shelter (no foam - just the liner - Windblock material)
  • Kickass inspired design Under Quilt (Thank You Patrick!) (2 inches of Primaloft Sport)
  • Western Mountaineering Sequoia 5 degree bag (used as an over quilt opened - 3 1/2 inches of loft when opened)
This same equipment list is what I used last night. I found that the foot end of the underquilt had come lose and may have been the reason for the chill when I tore everything down just a little while ago. It had not dropped away but was down enough to allow cold to roll over the edge and down to the low point as cold will do. It was almost in the warm configuration mode. have taken it all down and it is drying now hanging in the basement.

Nights for the next couple of days are only forecast to about the same as last night, mid-30's, so I will be watching the forecasts for the coming days and weeks to give it another test.

I have a Sgt. Rock type pad with wings I made which I can also add but seeing as how this is going to be used for my entire thru starting in March I want to get it down to the minimum I can and still survive and be comfortable. To save space I will be making a larger set of snake-skins so that I can wrap all but the sleeping bag as one unit and strap to the top of my pack but under the pack cover/gear hammock which is also a further project for the coming weeks.