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I am using slap straps right now cause I am not a knot person. Trying to figure things out.
Nothing screams NOOB ALERT!! like ENO Slapstraps.
a/k/a Crapstraps
(They are 100% nylon and will stretch out so much while you sleep that you may well wake up back on the ground - which totally defeats the coolness of hammocking)

1. I wrap my crapstraps tightly around my two trees, put a carabiner through ALL the wraps on each tree, and attach a whoopie sling to each one for my suspension. (whoopies are super cool, super strong, super light and easy to make - even if you're not a knot head.)
2. I then put extra 'biners in all the loops on the crapstraps to hang all my gear and keep it safe and clean and off the ground.
3. Check out Shug's video on using a toggle (a/k/a a marlin spike) (a/k/a a stick you just found on the ground) There's almost no knot work involved and you'll be totally impressed with what you (yes, you!) can do with a simple twist of the line or the strap.

Good Luck!
Look Around!
Keep at it!

P.S. There are some whoopie slings available for free on the PIF thread - check it out