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    d-p, you keep saying the proof is there, you just have to use it. OK, so send some out for testing, maybe even send a few out to BGT. If the gear does what it's supposed to do you won't have to spend so much time here defending it.

    People you've hiked with say you're a stand up, honest and innovative guy. I'm sure you are and if you have something that works the lines will form, but even Issac Newton had doubters. He was more than happy to prove them wrong.
    Live by the sword, die by the arrow

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    Misinformation OVERLOAD!!

    "First ... BigFoot, I'll solve EVERY'TING ... tell me where the CSI lab is and I'll send a sample of dp's COZY insulation for analysis ... Yes'er reeee BOB ... CSI ! I'm interested too! Maybe the COZY puzzle will be solved ...?

    OH, yo' CSI YouTube was GREAT! Thanks."--DP

    Just give me a sample and i'll take it to my local Wal-Mart...

    " I really like synthetic insulation for the fact one can get yo' head under the covers and use that 98* furnace we have built-in. Tried this when I was still using Down and the moisture began building pretty fast. WAY better, errr less moisture build-up with synthetics. At least at my end."--DP

    No. Wrong, AGAIN. It's the exact same moisture being released, whether using down or synthetic . Synthetics don't move moisture away as well as down. Vapor is continually released from our bodies. In moderate temperatures this moisture goes unnoticed because it remains in a gaseous state and dissipates.

    In cold temperatures, however, moisture released from our bodies becomes a serious issue. Due to the fact that more clothing is worn, there is less air circulation near the skin, and dissipation is slower. Additionally, cold air is unable to hold as much moisture, and as the warm, moisture-laden air nears the surface and cools, the vapour will condense in the fabric. As moisture builds up in your clothing, the insulating ability is compromised, potentially creating a dangerous situation. BUT... you would have to be in sub-freezing temps. for a week or more to notice any real build up.

    "I need yo' help ... Should I offer a prize to the dp Gear Crew member who "survives" the coldest temp using their dp quilt?

    I promise not to mention the ones who don't "survive" ..."--DP

    After your last post, i doubt you'll have many takers...even if the gear is given away, so it's a moot point. Keep posting like this and your DP Crew will be an "Army Of One".

    "'Bout forgot a couple biggies ... all dp Under Quilts are now improved hence forth. ie: Bright Green DWR fabric top and bottom for better heat retention. (Think the OLD JRB green fabric? I'm thinking I found their source ...)"--DP

    Oh, brother! The color is of NO MATTER (unless it's BLACK and in direct sunlight) to heat retention. Unless you are using a vapor barrier fabric or an aluminized liner that will reflect back body heat, it JUST DOES NOT MATTER WHAT COLOR YOU USE!! Please STOP misinforming are going to get someone hurt! SERIOUSLY!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by G.L.P. View Post
    D-P your post is way out of line man..
    the poster stated he was not warm with your UQ below 60F thats all and all we are doing is trying to figure out how your UQ works and why he is not warm
    everything you stated in this thread goes against everything we know of UQ's and insulation all we are doing is trying to figure out how you are making this all work and all you are doing is mocking us

    but after your last post ... WOW
    if your going to make claims that go against everything we know of UQ's and insulation have facts to back it up...
    don't make post mocking ppl .... you just made yourself look really bad

    all anyone has ever asked was how and why you came up with your UQ... and all we get is no answer or posts like this...
    Well said, GLP...I agree with this, and more. There's a fair bit I'd add to this, but I'll take a higher road and pass...I've come to accept that there are some folks in life...I'll never be able to understand their personality, and thus, approach to things....

    Ohski - well done on you...bought a product on speculation and then wrote up what I'd consider to be a fair review. Then, even despite one relatively major shortcoming (in my mind, anyway), said you would buy it again. I think it was fair and well-balanced.

    I'm really sorry for the way your experience has turned out in light of this thread...

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    This has been quite an interesting thread to follow. I was really hoping everything would take a turn for the better, but, well... yeah. Just wanted to second the appreciation for the review Ohski. Thanks!

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    Pretty sure this thread has run its course. Following reviews can be posted elsewhere, but this thread is now closed.

    As a reminder to both sides of the issue from HF's Terms of Service:
    II. Be Respectful. This is not negotiable. We treat each other with respect at HammockForums. This is a great community where the norm is to support others in their ideas and projects (including respectful critiques), and not assume offense where none is intended...and therefore not to flame, call names, or create friction in our threads. It's often easy to get frustrated over someone's post and type a quick reply to "set them straight." If the original post is out of line and the follow-up is calm and respectful, then it is appropriate for well-established members to help newbies learn our norms. However, we will not show a lack of respect for each other. Disagreement is fine; disrespectful behavior is not. Please make it easier on the community and police your own posts. Since intent is hard to gauge on the internet, please start by giving the benefit of the doubt if the post is not clearly offensive.
    Trust nobody!

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