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    d-p, you're not offending anyone (at least me) as you're offering information about how you operate your cottage shop. As there are various types of insulation out there, I was simply asking about the specific type you use.

    Quote Originally Posted by d-p View Post
    Not sharing our vendor's actual product name is something we've chosen to do, due to our expensive searches for quality at low prices. (value)
    In sharing actual product name there are some industrious folks who will purchase that particular type of insulation and attempt a DIY version. But at your prices - which are outstanding - it seems unlikely there would be any cost benefit to the DIY-er. Satisfaction out of building their own, sure, but cost savings? Many a post has been written about whether or not DIY saves money and most often, it doesn't.

    Members here have no intention of derailing the hard work you put in to your gear, we just simply want to be informed. All of us "go to school" on what you as a cottage industry do which is one of the reasons our DIY area is so expansive - the sharing of ideas and then improving upon them. Cottage shops research products, strike a deal with the manufacturer and then offer those items out of their store and make a profit - no one can blame anyone for that. If one were to attempt to make the same product using materials from them, we all expect that there is a markup on their end and again, they deserve to make that profit. As you have searched high and low for great value to pass along to us, which we all appreciate, we're asking for transparency from you.

    Other cottage industries do offer this information:
    Warbonnet 850+ fill down
    Hammockgear: Goose down,"Rating Based Upon 800 Fill Down"
    JacksRBetter has this comparison chart
    Paul at Arrowhead lets us know he uses Climashield and 800+ fill down and finally Scott at backwoodsdaydreamer came across the hard-to-find Insultex.

    I am eagerly awaiting Navigator's review and I agree with KerMegan that sometimes you have to take a leap. I am seeking more information before that leap is taken.

    Quote Originally Posted by d-p View Post
    Thanks to all our happy customers for believing our value.
    I have no doubts that Dave (the owner) is a good guy who is offering Reliable - Ultralite - low cost, USA made gear and will continue to have many a satisfied customer. Reputations (both good and bad) on forums such as this spread like a fungus in a locker room. It is nice to see other cottage industries coming to market and I truly wish you the best because we all profit from it: d-p on a financial basis and members (consumers) from satisfaction and peace of mind in supporting cottage industries versus large box stores.
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