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    The ends close up enough that they would block almost all the air coming at them, especially if you set the tarp up perpendicular to the wind. If the wind was blowing directly at the ends, air could get through. I have thought about putting Velcro/Omni tape on the end of my SWT to completely seal things up on the ends.
    You sound like you wanted this style of tarp. That is what I originally thought I wanted for a winter tarp/hammock tarptent when I first started working on the design of them a few years ago. I went away from that approach after using it for a while. Someone else made one of them, possibly from a drawing I sent to them, but their comment explained what I didn't like about that design and that is that it is just too complicated to use. I felt it had too many drawbacks and that the WinterTarp approach was the best way to handle the issues for the type of winter hammock camping I am familiar with.

    I backed off from starting with something that could be totally closed up with optimum volume and then opened up if needed to something that was simpler and could be pitched more easily in a wider variety to block wind as needed, including closing the ends off as necessary. Panel pullouts and Velcro do some neat things but they also add complexity. Trying to close a Velcro door that is reasonably taut from the inside of a tarptent when you have to bend over and your hands are cold isn't a lot of fun. Panel pullouts require more guyline and more tie outs to branches or stakes and all that isn't a lot of fun either when it is cold and wet... especially when it is time to pack it all away and you have to deal with all those lines and stakes.
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