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    Testing gear at South Llano State Park

    I got to do an overnighter with a friend at the South Llano River State Park this weekend and decided to write some thoughts about my new gear.

    The temperature for the day had to have been around 90 or so. It was supposed to get down to 51 that night so I packed both quilts to test out. Good thing, as the temperature actually dropped to low 30s that night.

    I didn't take much pictures of the park itself because we got there kind of late and left pretty early the next day. We got in a short hike on the trails and it was some nice country. There were plenty of trails for wandering around but I didn't really care for them as they were basically unimproved (dirt) roads.

    We saw lots of wildlife including birds out the wazoo. There are acutally quite a few bird watching blinds at the park if thats your kind of thing. The only bird that stands out to me was the nice one that seemed to think nighttime was the best time to sing an alarm-clock-like melody for 8 hours straight. I was informed this bird was a Whippoorwill, and I don't care for it at all.

    Here's a quick pic of the hanging gear I used on this trip:

    Left to right:
    Kick *** Quilt New River (long)
    Warbonnet Blackbird 1.1 dbl
    Warbonnet Superfly in Hennessey #4 snake skins
    Jacks'R'Better Shenandoah (900 fill, long)
    (ESEE Izula II that snuck into the picture)

    Warbonnet Blackbird 1.1 dbl
    I can't really say anything about this hammock that hasn't already been said numerous times before. It's an amazing hammock that sleeps very well.

    KAQ New River (long):
    I feel a synthetic underquilt is necessary in West Texas due to our sudden rain storms (hopefully we'll actually have some soon!). I love how the black color blends in well with the black Blackbird. I've used this quilt twice and both times after a little fiddling it has done extremely well all night. It's pretty big in the stuff sack but I can fit it horizontally in the bottom of my ULA Circuit, so I'm happy with the pack size.

    Jacks'R'Better Shenandoah (900 fill, long)
    This is the first trip I had this quilt on and I'm immediately in love with it. It packs so small, weighs next to nothing, and covers very well. I opted to not get the footbox sewn shut to make it flexible enough to use in the warm summers down here.

    Warbonnet Superfly with built in doors
    I think I was hanging a little high but I'm still new to this so I'll get better each time (hopefully). I decided to close the doors for this night. Still so much room inside the tarp as the thing is massive. I was luck enough to get my Kelty Triptease delivered in time for this trip. Man that stuff is brilliant.

    This is my first trip/gear report so take it easy on me

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    That looks like a nice little hang spot that you chose there.


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    No need to take it easy on you. That was a great trip report.
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    Great report and thanks for the pic's! Well done!

    I hang my tarp high like you had it when I think it's not gonna be a rough night (storms/weather) usually I will also put my tarp in porch mode!
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