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    Guide Gear 12X12 Tarp Rain/ Wind test.

    Well I just got my new Guide gear tarp for twenty dollars and some change. So the weather man was calling for rain for three days straight. What better time to try out a tarp right. So I put it up along with a cheep harbor freight Camo tarp. I set them up along with the Hammocks and left them alone. I set them up late Thursday before the rains were to start. Friday it started to rain and Friday night it was poring buckets with high winds. About two am the camo tarp blow off and I had to chase it down. So Friday came and went Saturday rainy all day. Sunday the skies cleared and the sun came back and with it came a light breeze. So I went out to see the damage. Here is what I found the eyelet on the camo tarp ripped out. The Guide gear was in perfect shape. And the ground under was dry. So For Twenty Dollars this will make a great first tarp for me. Just wanted to let you all know the out come of my first tarp test.


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    I just got my GG tarp but haven't tried it. I lost the grommets on my HF camo tarp when it snowed this winter, I've been using the small rock/item with it. Can't wait to try the GG

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