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My next idea, and I'm struggling on how to do this, is putting bug netting on this. What I'm thinking about doing is making a "sock" that will have a drawstring at each end (foot and head), and I will just bunch it at the foot while I'm getting in and pull it up over me adn draw the string tight at the head. I will use a ridgeline via loops at the top on the outside of the bug netting. This is the best idea that I've got so far. If there are better ideas that I'm not considering, please someone let me know. I am not a very experienced or good sewer, so I'm trying to keep that to a minimum. Thanks for the help.
I made a bug net sock like you're describing (cylinder, very uncomplicated), I have a ridgeline on my hammock, which supports the bug sock (I called it a bug bivvy).

It's just a cylinder, drawstrings on each end, zipper down one seam to get in and out (just for convenience). It was a good project, simple to make, and works very well at keeping the bugs at bay.