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    Moto (and cage) camp bungie cord dual use for Shangri La (etc) tarp set up...

    I got an AHE Shangri La (and Toxaway) tarp and had some concerns about how it would hold up to rain and the wind driven variety. So out comes the Byer Vario backyard test lab to set up the Traveler and Shangri La in the sprinkler pattern. I walk right by one of my motorcycles and seeing the bungie cords begin thinking, "where have I seen these in hammock use before?"...hmmmm. (insert light bulb over the head image here)...thanks Babelfish5.

    Since, like many motorcyclists, I have enough bungie cords to suspend a 747 I took a handfull out to the lab. What a simple and versatile idea this has turned out to be! Two short ones attached the Shangri La to the Vario uprights and four long ones were used to stake out the corners. My trekking poles went into the front porch position without any adjustment on those two bungies. Now comes the fun part; I can lower the front porch by pulling the pole bases inward and laying them on the ground and reverse the operation when the front porch is wanted again. No adjustment required after first set up! They also are my shock cords so everything stays taut when conditions getting into a Vario suspended hammock, no need to put a counter weight to keep the ridgeline taut.

    Oh and the "rain" test; I set the rig up so two sprinklers would be angled to approximate hard(ish) wind blown rain (not directly into the open ends but close enough) while the rest would rain from above too. The result is some splash on the lower inside edges but completely dry in the hammock. I can now take the Shangri La on warmer weather trips with confidence. Plus I will buy some more adjustable bungies (don't tell Judy please ).

    A solution for backpackers? No (unless you don't fret about the weight these will add) but for us moto hammockers it turns our ubiquitous bungies into dual use items that make tarp set up very nice and almost fool proof.
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    Yeah, these shock cords are very nice

    The nylon hooks are sized to the strength of the cord and pretty lightweight. The adjustable length is good instruction on applying the right amount of elastic tension, hard as it is to give up a lifetime of bungee use habits and just find a way some more remote hook to apply enough tension. Changing the length is easy.

    One of the better Nite-Ize products.

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