A few weeks ago I got a Shangri La and a Toxaway tarp from Paul and, of course, set them up within hours of the USPS Santa delivering. My initial concern was the Shangri La might not offer enough coverage in heavy and wind blown rain. The plan was to lean on the Toxaway for sure protection as this is a substantial tarp (quality and design wise).

Yesterday I set up the backyard lab to see just how well the Shangri La would fare...


My report is that baring cold wind, that needs the Toxaway longer sides to block, the Shangri La performed well beyond my expectations! This is a light weight low bulk tarp that I would take pretty much anywhere on my moto camping and frankly if it rains bad enough to get past this tarp (if well positioned) I might find a motel instead of trees.

Extended distance and time moto trips (like Alaska) will mean the Toxaway but combined they still pack much smaller (like half the space, a big deal with moto camping) than my Kelty 12x12 and I might take them both. Another well made set of products from AHE and I am pleased with both!