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OK: I have Received the cord from Mike & put it to use twice in the back yard.
This is the first time in 2 years that I got my 13.5' x 10' tarp up taut. It usually sags quite a bit AND I can't get the sides tight, there are ALWAYS wrinkles. I thought it was just something I'd have to live with having a tarp without cat cuts, I was so wrong. The last time I set up was in the rain, which is "Sag City" when using Para Cord, this time I got it up & tight in short order.
A surprising bonus is it goes up faster. Not just a little faster, but A LOT faster. No, I didn't time it, but it is so noticeable I don't need to time it to know that the tarp went up in about 3/4 the "normal" time (with paracord).
I have no answer for this bonus, it just is, at least for me. And it happened BOTH times.

Thanks again HamMike!!
This is great to hear! Just ordered 50 ft of 7/65" AmSteel to make some Whoopies and most likely use as a ridgeline. Glad to hear it worked well rather than not!