Hello to all the "hangers" here. I felt it was time to join in and see if I could finally soak up enough info that I could someday soon have as cool A selection of gear and DIY projects as soooo many of you crafty creative people have.

I've been HH owner for 7-10 years now. Have 2. Rain fly on one is just about toast so that is one reason for the visit. Another is the ever itchy bug to make my own has finally blossomed into the action mode...this after at least 6 yrs of ideas. You can imagine my feelings when I saw so many projects and ideas.

Things have changed for sure. Last time I checked most were still lashing the way it shows on the Hh stuff sack. Wow, so many options to think on. Fly options, tq & uq, lashing, pads, zippers and bug nets, water collection and double bottoms and I'm sure much more.

I'm glad to have found this site and hope to "Hang Out" with some new friends on many excursions. I can't believe I just missed the Hoosier Hang last week but things happen for a reason. I think the Hammock Gods did not want me embarrassed by my lack of updated technique and generic gear. Im kinda pumped to finnaly have some great info to read through. Thanks