Slept twice in my 3S Burrow and 3S Phoenix now. The Burrow is amazingly warm and handy getting in and out of at night! With the Phoenix I need more practice, I guess. First night out at 40F, I thought it was too tight and then I pulled it WAY too tight. Slept comfortably none the less, although I was almost squashed in my WBBB. Second night out at 35F, I thought I had it right because no gaps were showing when I was lying in it (in the pics I'm not in it), but I did get some cold spots. Mostly at my shoulders, so I tightened it up a bit at that end, which improved matters but still got some cold spots at pressure points (knees and shoulders when side sleeping).
WBBB 10dbl.jpg

WBBB 10 dbl and BMMJ.jpg
What did I do wrong? Maybe I pulled it too tight? On the other hand it seemed to me that mine was less tight than others. Maybe I didn't shake it up enough or divide the down properly? I guess I need more nights out to get it right. Perfect excuse