I bought the HH Exp. a couple of years ago (my first Hammock experience) and loved the IDEA of hanging in a hammock. but the winter forces me to take along more equipment to keep warm like another pad and my down sleeping bag. So getting in the bottom was troublesome with all that extra padding.

I switched to a DIY top-loader and am saved! I love love love the top-loader.

But sitting in the corner under all my non-used gear is this little ($120) green bag collecting dust. "I must salvage this hammock and use it somehow" I think every time I see it peaking out from the pile of surplus ripstop Grosgrain, and para-chord. And one night while working late on a DIY project I swear I heard it cry out...


After a tear rolled down my cheek, I dried my eyes dry and started thinking of ways to salvage this hammock.

I love the lay of the hammock, the bug net and the rain fly (for summer hangs) but that thick rope had to go away.... so I started.


  • Switched out the rope for a whoopie (amsteel 7/64)
  • Switched out the slings for longer tree huggers
  • switched out the climbing biners for soft shackles made from Amsteel
  • Added a continuous ridge line for the rain fly

Next up is why I called... errr..... um.... started this thread.

I want to sew in a zipper and convert it to a top/bottom loader. I will not sew the Velcro shut because for summer hangs I thinnk it will be (as Tony the tiger would say) GRRRRrrrreat!

but for winter hangs, the HH sucks.
-Am I supposed to say IMHO here

To get in I have to FLIP over my sleeping bag, then my pad, then my air mattress ... get in.... then flip it all back and then get comfortable.... it is a hassle..... (I did start inserting my little blue pad INSIDE my sleeping bag, so I would only have to flip over two items.... still a hassle.....

Make sure the Velcro is shut then get on top of the mattress .... by this time I have worked a sweat I needed to get out just to cool down...

So I want to add a zipper. That should be no problem, but my question is this...

has anyone switched out the static ridgeline for the bug net for a whooppie to be able to adjust the sag of the HH? I think it might be modifiable (is that a word) to adjust the sag of the hammock to maybe more comfortable...

Any thoughts? I am THIS CLOSE to cutting my techline at the desired length for the whoopie sling bugnet ridgeline.