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    I did something simlar to your proposed design. I don't quite understand the extra zippers? But anyways.. a bag can work, but from experience it does /can get a little cramped and does not allow for sprawling, especially in the knee area. Supporting the ends with a shockcord suspension helps. Synthetic bags will not pack down small.
    shug did a video recently on a bag/pod set up, give that a look.
    Here's some pics.
    GargSB final 006.JPG

    GargSB final 008.JPG
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    Hi all,

    Your right about taking scissors to a bag. Has me in shivers, specially since I would buy it specifically for this. You are also right about the relative non-compressibility of syn insul'd bags. But, after having spent a single fall night (in AZ mind you) in a wet down bag: I'm ready for a changeup.

    Straight lay is easy on the back but does tend to superflex the knees: a simple solution is to put your pack/spare clothes/ and hydration kit under your knees. Keeps your spares warm and your water un-frozen.

    Take a look at the pictures for what I mean about the zippers. Notice that the head box and foot box are located inside the hammock. The hammock is slid through the slit near the shoulders and near the feet: the middle portion of the bottom of the bags hangs below the hammock. The zippers are installed to close those too slits to make the bag function normally for those time when you can't sling up.

    I took a second look at kifaru's offerings. The size of the 40F bag compacted is only 10-20% smaller than the 20F wiggy. I think the difference in size between the two (in the same temperature rating) would be neglige able.
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